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COVID-19 Updates for Collaborative Wellness

Updated February 26, 2023

Our clinic is open and it's business as usual, 


Patient responsibilities - 

  • We ask that you please bring your own mask and wear it in the clinic for your appointments with all practitioners. If there is an occasion where it is safe and appropriate for you to take off your mask, your practitioner will let you know. Wearing a mask in office is a clinic policy that all practitioners are required to support. The policy is based on the PHO's applicable to health care facilities. We expect that this policy will remain in place through the fall and winter of 2022. We kindly ask that you bring your own mask as the financial burden of COVID continues to put a strain on our small business. Providing a mask for every person that comes into our office is an expense we would appreciate your help to reduce.

  • We kindly request that if you are sick with ANY COVID symptoms that you reschedule your appointment. We appreciate that this may be inconvenient if you have minor symptoms, but unless the possibility that it could be COVID has been conclusively ruled out, we ask that you reschedule, and we will try to make it as easy as possible for you. It's important to remember that our practitioners are sole proprietors and for some, it's their sole family source of income. They don't get sick time, and have a higher standard to follow with respect to symptoms as it related to their jobs. This means if they are sick, they can't work and many other people will have their appointments cancelled. 

  • Please respect other patients in the office that might have different comfort levels from your own. We are trying to provide a space that is safe and accommodating to everyone, regardless of their personal beliefs and opinions.

  • Please treat all of our staff with kindness and respect. We are all doing our best.


Clinic Responsibilities - 

  • Our front desk staff will be behind a glass shield and wearing a mask.

  • All high-contact surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

  • Your practitioner will practice thorough hand hygiene at all times to keep everyone safe.

  • If you would like to purchase supplements, we would prefer you call ahead. Contactless sales will be facilitated. If you drop by during our open reception hours, please abide by our social distancing requests. If there is already someone being helped at reception, please wait by the elevator until there is space available in the clinic.

Telehealth (Phone and Video Appointments) - 

  • If you do not wish to come into the clinic for any reason (childcare, health concerns, etc.) our naturopathic doctors and registered clinical counsellors will be happy to see you online. You will still get a thorough appointment that includes an assessment and treatment plan.

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