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School lunches? You've got this

Here we are again - back to school. Almost unanimously, parents dread back to school because once again they have to get creative and come up with lunches that they hope their kids will eat AND keep them healthy. This is no easy task.

My third and youngest child is about to start kindergarten so now I’m trying to figure out how to make this happen for three kids. My goal is to send roughly the same thing for all of them, give or take a customization or two. One of my main go-to’s is leftovers. We have those handy thermos containers that keep food hot for hours and I love being able to just fill those, but we don’t always have leftovers in the house. I’m also not the only one making the lunches. So assuming this is as much a challenge for you as it is for me, I’ve included for you below a handy chart you can print out and post on a cupboard to make it easy for anyone to make lunches. This tapas-style menu makes it easy to create a healthy, balanced lunch in just about any household. Simply put the food in your favourite bento-style kit and you’re good to go!

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