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Five reasons you should (virtually) see your naturopath

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I know; life is hard right now. It's hard for everyone - the people working, the people not working. The people with, and the people without families. No one has been left untouched by COVID-19. But here's what you NEED to hear:

Life is not cancelled.

Your health is not on pause.

The good news is that I can still help (via secure video conference or over the phone!). Here are the five reasons you should still see me for your healthcare.

ONE - People will still get and have to manage diabetes. We're still at the beginning of allergy season. Cancer will still be diagnosed. Folks with pain and autoimmune conditions will continue to have flares that make getting out of bed feel unmanageable. Couples are still trying to and having babies. And now more than ever, mental health struggles are at the forefront of our society. My training and expertise allow me to help you with all the things - digestion, hormones, sleep, stress management, thyroid issues, diet and exercise plans, anxiety and depression, pain and inflammation, fertility, plus so much more. I have a practice that treats all ages and all genders. It's what I love most about what I do; I see a variety of people for a variety of conditions.

TWO - I meet you where you are. What that means is that I take the time to understand you and your goals and I work with you to come up with a practical and affordable plan to help you experience the health and wellness you crave. As a mom of three and small business owner, I am not going to ask you to upend your entire life, even if you ask me to, because I know that simply isn't sustainable, and I want you to feel better for the rest of your life. I can work with you even if you've been told by other healthcare practitioners that you're 'normal' or 'fine.' Trust your gut; if you feel like something could be better, it probably could be. Let me help you figure out what that would look like.

THREE - I have your best interests in mind, always. My job, quite simply, is to help you feel your best. While I can never guarantee anything, I am very successful at what I do. I will approach your situation with the compassion, and I have a vested interest in your success. I tell my patients, 'if you work hard for me, I'll work hard for you.' That is a promise.

FOUR - There is so much you can do at home. Let's be honest, many of us have more time now, so why not make the best of it by starting to work on a health-related concern or interest so that when COVID-19 blows over (and it WILL), then you can hit the ground running. Let's get you set up with a diet and lifestyle plan to help you and/or your family feel their best; let's figure out those food sensitivities; let's find the exercise that you will LOVE to do rather than convince yourself to get out of the way. If you have a family or live with others, let's come up with plans that get everyone involved so that you can come together in health and wellness, and you can cheer each other on.

FIVE - While I know that my services are worth the fees I charge, I also know that money is a concern for many right now. It is for our family, too. The good news is that I can direct bill most extended health plans and I'm working on more, so you may have all/some of the costs covered without ever having to spend your money. I am not here to add to your financial hardship. I want to work with you to get the help you need in the context of what you can afford.

The great news is that I can see most patients via secure video conference or we can chat over the phone. This is actually a super convenient way for most people to meet, and allows me the flexibility to help people even when they aren't situated in my immediate area. You will still get the same exceptional service that I have become known for. Let's do this together. Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean you have to put your health aside.

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